Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conscious Creator Enterprises, CCE

Conscious Creator Enterprise, CCE

To be a Conscious Creator, is important to the human family because it takes the responsibility and places it firmly on the individual. Once we understand how powerful we really are it forces us to make a choice in our ideal; service to self or service to others. If one uses their power to control others and feathers their own nest, then over time, it will lead to a reality that feeds a negative agenda. Conversely if one chooses service to others, as a life path, then it opens up a stream of possibilities that can offer the world a new beginning and over time a new civilization based on serving others, sustainability, and development of our higher self both individually and collectively. The key to conscious creation is understanding the process and also being mindful of what it is we are creating.

We need to be mindful of our individual power and not sell ourselves short giving up our power, to others, especially those who would do us harm. The ability to create will happen whether we are consciously creating it or creating it unconsciously. The key to being a Conscious Creator is the awareness and the innate ability to think, plan and execute a plan that is utilizing our higher self. One may choose to consciously create based on selfish reasons or choose something of a higher nature; i.e. service to others.

There are those who understand how to misuse their power and consciously create a New World Order based on an elite few having power and control over the many. It’s not enough to understand the power behind conscious creation, one must be responsible enough to obey an important Universal Law; i.e. the law of free will. If one understands the power behind conscious creation and yet abuses their power then one has given himself or herself over to the dark side and in a phrase; “that’s not okay”.

The Conscious Creator Enterprise Program takes it to the next level and is seeking men and women who understand how to organize others in the pursuit of their higher self. In the past I built an organization of like minded men and women who were motivated to smuggle and distribute large quantities of marijuana and hashish from around the world. We, at the time, thought we were making a positive difference in the collective experience and in the process lining our pockets with gold, figuratively and materially.

I have come to the realization that knowledge without action is meaningless. We are collectively at a place in our human development that can tip the balance either way and it is incumbent on those souls who are willing to take a chance for the betterment of humanity to take decisive action. I am seeking like minded men and women to help organize Conscious Creator Enterprises, CCE to help bring others, to action, in the pursuit of consciously creating a new reality for our human family.

If one fast forwards this current time line, based on the current paradigm, one is confronted with a future world that is not okay. We are heading for a very BIG crash both on a sustainability level and on a human tragedy level. If we continue to create a reality based on the art of war, as an organizing element, (see the report from Iron Mountain) we will surely parish. In the report from Iron Mountain it spells out a perpetual war doctrine as a means for social cohesion. It speaks to the fact that society needs and outside enemy to maintain social, political and internal stability. It basically institutionalizes perpetual war and says if we don’t have one then we must create one. When war is theater and choreographed then people die so others can line their own pockets with gold. Mankind becomes expendable as a means for power and control and we will never stop utilizing war because it keeps those in power and is a source of wealth. We collectively must put a stop to this system.

I believe, on a grass roots level, we have the power individually and collectively to change this model and organize ourselves, one man and one woman at a time. The CCE program I propose, is organized to find six people or more, who will band together to focus their energy on consciously creating a new reality, in essence a new ending (beginning) to our human drama.

Time is marching forward…….last week we had another shock (the Shock Doctrine, see Naomi Klein) perpetrated on us with the financial bailout. The financial crisis is another engineered Psy/Op similar to the 911 false flag operation. We are led to believe that the financial crisis is something that just happens and we react to it praying the whole system won’t collapse on itself. The good people of the world are so consumed with reacting to what others consciously create that we fail to consciously create our own.

We are creating death and destruction around the world with a war agenda for control of the worlds known energy reserves. People are dieing on a mass scale, families are homeless, children are being blown to bits and we are more concerned about the almighty dollar and the price of gas at the pump than consciously creating a better world. I personally am sick to my stomach over what our government is executing in our name and it is time for us to take conscious creative action.

I know from personal experience that we can self organize. It is within our power to make a difference and change the script that an elite few have written for humanity and our world. If an elite few can write a script that spells power and control over humanity then why can’t an informed organized few rewrite the script that frees humanity from the bonds and chains that bind almost seven (7) billion people? Now is the time to self organize for the benefit of humanity. If we fail to change direction it is certain we will remain enslaved to a system that enriches a few at the expense of our human family and for me, it is not okay.

I envision people self organizing themselves, in small groups, to educate themselves (didactic edification) and build networks of like minded people. Our educational system will not teach us the truth, our corporate controlled media will not inform us of the truth, our churches are outdated and unable to grasp the current paradigm, therefore we must take responsibility for ourselves and self organize. I suggest we self organize utilizing the Conscious Creator Enterprise Program. Organize, Educate, Execute…..Think, Plan, and Work and keep working until it manifests itself in our individual and collective experience. We really don’t have much time to turn this ship around and, in my view; it will only happen when we take responsibility for our situation and choose to consciously change it.



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Law of One/The Angelic Human Race

The Law of One is the universal law of the universe. It speaks to the interconnectedness of the cosmos and the reality of instant communication on a cosmic level. The galactic community is literally connected as one electro-magnetic grid as are each sun, planet, and intelligent life in the universe. We are one interconnected unique aspect of the universal mind (God) and we are (wired) (figuratively) connected as One.

Human beings are beings of light energy either vibrating very fast (positive) or slowly (negative). We have a free will choice to pick our polarity and can resonate much faster when we meditate on and experience compassion, love, forgiveness, abundance and the higher energy emotions (feelings). Conversely when we are about criticizing, judgment, lack, greed, meanness, lust, we resonate very slowly and align with a negative polarity. Both of these affect the earth grid electro-magnetically and hold a charge within our planetary system. The power-elite are quite skilled in holding our earth with a negative charge. When we are held with a negative charge it keeps our lights (human light) out and dis-connects us from the galactic community.

The time for the unveiling is now......those souls who can meditate (daily) on love and compassion will help awaken others, speed up the vibration and in the process help turn the lights back on. Our earth grid needs to be charged with positive energy and over-come the false manipulation that has held all of humanity back.

Its really not that complicated once we understand that we live in an electric universe and there has been a short in the system. Spread the word to DYOR enlighten yourself to the truth, empower yourself and others so we can rejoin the galactic community of nations aligned with the light.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wake Up America

When we fail to uncover the truth in government we fail our responsibility as citizens of this great nation. I have made a commitment to speak out and do my best to sound the alarm calling attention to the fact that we have a criminal faction, within our government, who have taken control of our nation. George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld(retired), and many of the top aids to the President of the United States are criminally responsible for the 911 false flag operation, Psy/Op perpetrated on the United States and our world. They have utilized the 911 operation as a pretext to invade Afghanistan, Iraq and demonize a whole race of people as a way to justify a war on terror.

We have been given a clarion call to action, as Patriots of this nation, and it is incumbent on all of us to answer that call or risk the dismantling of our free society. The only way we can fight back and win this battle is to empower ourselves with the truth and then disseminate it to the general public. Many will resist the truth because it is so upsetting to their current reality. They may attack the messenger, the message or crawl back into their shell as a means of false protection. It is important that we not retreat from the truth but rather press forward and shout it from the hill tops.

One of my advisor's has counseled me to stay focused on creating my websites, books, good content, trust, and provide a wealth of good research and then release it to the Universe. The good people of the world are hungry for change and are reaching out for more truth. It is my hope, meditation, prayer that we will all rise up on wings of eagles and soar into a better world. I know we can do it and I know all we have to do is realize how powerful we are when we are empowered with the truth.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naomi Wolf, The End of America

Time is moving fast and it is incumbent on us to be awake and understand what is happening before our eyes as we move into the nest stage of Fascism in America. Naomi Wolf speaks eloquently about the ten steps to fascism and where we are in the process right now. I argue in my book, A Patriots Act (to be released in Winter 2009) that we have already crossed that line and we are a fascist nation right now. I suggest we do our homework and educate (didactic edification) ourselves so we are not caught unawares. If we can understand what is happening then and only then do we have the chance to change the dynamic.
Didactic Edification is the ability to take back our sovereignty and right this wrong!
Robert Reckmeyer

Thursday, July 24, 2008

THE REAL DEAL: Preface - Vision Quest

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyer’s, is one of my favorite pieces of work and speaks to a vision quest motif that resonates deep within my soul. I quote from his work, Martin Luther King had a dream, “I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight and the goal of the Lord will be revealed and all flesh shall see it together”. Joseph Campbell, “We have not even to risk the adventure alone because the hero’s of all time have gone before us, the labyrinth is thoughroly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path and where we had thought to find an abomination we shall find a God. And where we had thought to slay another we shall slay ourselves. Where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence. Where we had thought to be alone we shall be with all the world”.

Joseph Campbell speaks to the reality of transformation based on the experience of life and our willingness to jump off into the unknown and enter the deep dark forest; in the vision quest, the adventure we call life. When I was a young man entering high school we had a small group of friends who were young and very inquisitive about life. We were like sponges soaking up information and experience with good intensions and a lot of promise. We grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. living in Mclean, Virginia and living the reality of our times. Popular music, Neil Young, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, they were singing about the Viet Nam war and the drug scene and the hope of our generation. We were living in Rome, at the foot of the Acropolis, at the seat of power for our age, Washington D.C...

We were coming of age and our lives were a reflection of the times we were living. We had the best teachers in the world and our educated backgrounds formulated our thinking. We were all encouraged to think about everything, and we did. We as young persons asked why and we were willing to step out into the unknown with the hope of finding answers to our questions. I was not alone in my thinking or in my vision quest reality. We smoked pot during our lunch breaks, at Langley High School, and took LSD on the weekends in the hope that we would unlock something hidden. It was not all about drugs but rather about kids growing up in turbulent times and reflecting the reality of our age.

All of us, in that group, had dreams of changing the world and stepping out into the unknown, the deep dark forest, in order that we might slay the Dragon and change the world. The world that presented itself to us as dangerous; mixed up and lost in its direction and a world in need of total and complete transformation. We were idealistic in our thinking but completely well intentioned and motivated to change the reality, world view, in our lifetimes. All of us felt we were on a mission from God chosen for a special purpose and we would share our dream and articulate our plan when we spent time together. I was not alone in my thinking and I have fond memories of the people and the times that we shared during my formative years at Langley High School, in Mclean, Virginia.

Idealism is a wonderful thing but put in practice it can be dangerous and misdirected. One must differentiate from what is doable in the short term or what may take generations to accomplish. The test is to pick your fight and the timing in order to achieve your objective. Well intentioned people make mistakes and pay the price for their actions. I was well intentioned but failed to understand the consequence of my actions due to my youth and idealism.

It has been said, “Timing is not everything but it is much.” I am driven at this time to share my story in the hope that the timing is right and my vision quest journey will resonate and entertain, and also spark something from within so we are all brought foreword. It is my belief that all illumination is channeled from a higher plane of consciousness and we can all be senders and receivers if we will open our hearts and empty ourselves so the God within can seek its self expression in and through us. Consciousness is something that expands and always seeks more. We live in an expanding universe and it is natural to seek a greater awareness. My story is one of growing up in a sheltered life and embarking on a vision quest journey into the unknown, the deep dark forest, not once but time and time again.

It is my purpose to bring the vision quest motif alive through the words in this book not just for entertainment value but for a higher purpose. I think it wise when we can find a greater purpose and give it our energy and focus in the hope that it will expand and find its own way. My life, at times, has been filled with excitement and danger and through it all I have felt a higher direction at work. In the deepest valley’s I have felt the hand of God directing my paths, pushing me foreword even when I was going the wrong way. When I have been on the highest mountain I have felt his Super Consciousness at work and even now with the words in this book I feel his hand directing me.

What’s it all about Alfe? If we just live and die then what’s the point of struggling through this life. If we don’t have a vision quest purpose then why all the pain and suffering. I believe it is through the struggle that we bear witness to the Creative Conscious Energy to share and experience Joy and Abundance with us. It is through the expanding of our inner soul that we experience joy and abundance. Struggle means an expanding awareness and an expanding awareness leads to joy and abundance.

Not one to dig up the past and live in the memories of my mind I rather choose to live in the “NOW” and seek the wonderment of the future unknown. To experience the “what if” side of life. I now ask you to join with me on a journey through my past not to look back and relive my past, alone, but to find the meaning through my journey and share in my experience. Senator Edward Kennedy quoted his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, “Some men see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and say why not.”

It is through a purpose driven life that one finds meaning from every experience, good or bad. Finding purpose is the steam that drives the engine. In truth my purpose is threefold. To grow through the creative process and in the process bring the reader along on my journey in the hope that they too will grow. Secondly, since I do have a story to tell, I share mine in the hope that it will enlighten and motivate others to dig deep and experience the joy and abundance that comes from the journey. And three, to shape the future by sharing the what if side of life, stepping out into the deep dark forest on a vision quest, taking a chance and expanding through the adventure of life. Everyone has a story to tell and now it is my turn to tell mine. I am reminded of a great spiritual truth; we are not humans having a spiritual experience but rather spiritual persons having a human experience. What a wonderful truth. Enjoy the trip……………..

Synopsis: “The Real Deal”

Preface and Introduction:
This opening lays out the Hero, Vision Quest Motif that resonates throughout the book and illustrates the hero’s journey to transcendence. Coming of age during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s as a member of the baby boom generation, I paint the picture of one mans experience from a youthful perspective to the decision to embark on an adventure of discovery through his involvement in an illegal prohibited marijuana and hashish business.

Chapter One: Childhood
This first chapter tells the story of my youth as I grow and experience the safety and love of two educated, loving parents and three brothers, seven sisters and a home grounded on Christian values and a love for family, education, church and civic duty. I share my experience confronting a real life Boogie Man who takes me out of my youthful place and thrusts me into another world. I illustrate my energy and enthusiasm, my zest for life and my ability to make something quite simple into a true adventure. The story brings the audience into my blood family and allows them to share what it was like growing up in an educated home with eleven siblings. As my youth is coming to a close I experience rebelliousness and an attraction to an altered state of consciousness. As it ends I find myself in a world of many different colors and textures with the goal to maneuver my way through the maze and find the path I was set to travel. I was definitely restless and wanting to very much taste, touch and feel my way through the experience of life.

Chapter Two: Adolescence
Adolescence starts out with my running away from home and taking a Greyhound Bus to Sumter S.C. where I get picked up by the local Sheriff and spend several days in a southern jail with my youthful friend. It is the beginning of my true adolescence and the path or rather the slippery slope to adulthood. I communicate the birth of the shadow side to my life experience and the deepening estrangement from my parents and their Christian values. My relationship with Brother Chris is introduced and developed illustrating our dream to emulate Joseph P. Kennedy and his involvement in a prohibited business. It closes with my emancipation and the death of Speedy Shook who had taken me on as a fifth son.

Chapter Three: Prohibition I, The Path
Opens with the short history of Prohibition and the fact that Joe Kennedy chose to take a chance and profit from what would later be repealed and legalized. It lays out the fact that Brother Chris and I saw ourselves as the next iteration after Woodstock and we were willing to take a chance in a covert action to decriminalize and legalize a prohibited natural herbal high, marijuana. I cover the early years of the business and the path to building a distribution system that would later become one of the largest marijuana and hashish smuggling/distribution systems of its kind. This chapter communicates my experimenting with drugs, getting sick and making a decision to transform myself from a small time pot dealer into large scale marijuana and hash smuggler. The new age family dynamic and the fact that Chris and Robert had the ability to organize like minded men and women to participate in a covert effort to “save the planet from sure destruction, one joint at a time” utilizing an alternative lifestyle and a prohibited business. I also incorporate the times we were living and the disconnect that took place within my own blood family. This chapter covers the early years of multi ton loads of pot from Tucson Arizona and the building of a national transportation system to move marijuana on a national scale.

Chapter Four: Prohibition II, Lost Direction
I open with Barry Toombs who introduces me to a new level of involvement and exposes me to business practices that are shaky at best. This chapter brings all of the elements concerning large scale marijuana and hash deals, non stop illegal activity that culminates with million dollar deals and large sums of cash that get deposited off shore, buried in the ground and invested in gold, silver and precious gems. I cover the first hash deal that was smuggled into Hilton Head, South Carolina where we brought in 25,000 pounds on a 71 ft. sail boat and I was responsible for distributing it and turning it into money. Lee Harvey and I become partners and unleash numerous smuggle trips from Lebanon, Columbia, Jamaica and Thailand. We go on to become notorious for our success and eventually come under investigation by the Organized Crime Strike Force headed by Ms. Karen Tandy who later becomes the new head of the DEA, under President George W. Bush. This chapter closes with the story about my son Nicholas drowning in our swimming pool on Cape Cod (he was later revived after being found at the bottom of the pool purple and lifeless) and my spiritual awakening, my epiphany, and eventual commitment to my “Transformation of Consciousness”

Chapter Five: Investigation
The initial fatal mistake was made when both Chris and Robert decided to come out and show a visible show of wealth. Washington, D.C. is in many ways a small town fish bowel and the federal city took notice when two young men from McLean, Virginia bought property and came out of the closet. The fact that Barry Toombs was kidnapped by the DEA, from his home in Costa Rica, and brought back to the United States, for trial started what would become known as “The Reckmeyer Case”. It also started my “Transformation by Illumination” in that I decided to frame my unfolding experience in spiritual terms and chose to hold on for the ride. I hire an attorney, John Dowd who takes advantage of a young man in trouble and involves himself in several currency violations that cause him to have a conflict in his representation. I choose to quit the smuggling business and take a path to my spiritual awakening while my brother Chris chooses to try and salvage the business. The lead Assistant United States Attorney for The Eastern District of Virginia breaks two court orders and is disqualified from further involvement in our case only to be reinstated several days’ later. This chapter ends with my taking responsibility for my failure to communicate forcefully with my network and in effect I walk away from the gathering storm.

Chapter Six: The Case
I am indicted and charged with running a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, close to 300 tons of marijuana and hashish, a gun charge, income tax evasion and intimidating a federal witness. In short I was in a lot of trouble and facing life in prison without the possibility for parole. The Case culminates with an early morning raid on my personal residence in Centreville, Virginia where my two son’s age four (4) and seven (7) witnessed my arrest and the arrest of their mother on a drug conspiracy charge. I communicate the abrupt change in my reality from one of freedom, wealth and family to facing life in prison without the possibility for parole while incarcerated in the notorious D.C. Jail. I cover my sentencing and my statement before the court articulating my remorse and my willingness to face my punishment. I am sentenced to a term of seventeen (17) years without the possibility for parole.

Chapter Seven: Star Fighter School
My first initiation into Star Fighter School would be filled with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exercises that were designed to build me up and train me for the work ahead and build the strength I would need to overcome my new reality. I had been taught, as a youngster, to be ready for anything and to believe that I was super naturally protected by multi dimensional beings that had power to utilize natural universal laws that most terrestrial human beings were not aware of. My mother had trained me in the spiritual disciplines and taught me to “reach for the force” and allow God’s source energy to fill me up. I was trained in the “Jedi Knight” school of thought and I always knew deep within my soul that source energy was extremely powerful and able to empower me with an ability to transcend our three dimensional understanding. Now I would be trained in spiritual disciplines of the fourth and fifth dimension. If I could maintain my focus, on my training, and leave my past behind then I could overcome the pain associated with separation and the loss of my freedom. The hard work of educating myself and completing Star Fighter School was dependant on my willingness to sacrifice and grow even when I was hurting deeply by the loss of my freedom and liberty.

I framed my thoughts to be a willing participant in a level of spiritual training that was beyond my human understanding and yet I was able to see through the glass partially. I was on a life changing adventure that had the potential to remake me into a true Jedi Knight and a graduate from Star Fighter School.

My prison experience is set forth as I make my way through 16 jails for a total of ninety four (94) months. This chapter covers my deepening transformation into a monastic lifestyle and the dissolution of my marriage and family. I am confronted with numerous challenges that build me up and bring me to a place that can only be described as transforming. I include a short story written while I was incarcerated in Petersburg that illustrates my journey through the eyes of one who must stay centered on a spiritual dynamic in order to maintain his personal sanity. This chapter closes with my release from Federal Prison entering the deep dark forest and a new path on my quest for enlightenment.

Chapter Eight: Starting Over
Upon my release to the Halfway House in Washington D.C. I find myself in a world of new and exciting possibilities. I am picked up by my ex-wife and her new four month old baby, Christine. My three sons greet me with open arms and yet I find myself challenged to connect on their terms. My parents support me unconditionally with their love and their money. I am thrust back into the real world where I seize the bull by the horns and jump in head first trying my best to fit in and connect with my family, my freedom and the choices that go along with them. I cover the early years in the Tanning business utilizing the business as a teaching tool for the growth of my three sons and their involvement in a family business. I speak to why we suffer and how we frame our suffering and the truth that our reality is something we create with our thoughts and either a positive filter or a negative filter.

When my children ask me about prison I tell them it was not really prison but rather a deep CIA cover story enacted to fool the public because I was really in Star Fighter School being trained to save the planet from sure destruction. I was on a secrete mission and it was part of a grand design that was bigger than any of us. I have told them that life is never what it seems when you look on the surface. One must dig deeper to find the gem.

Chapter Nine: A New Life
This chapter covers my new life with my wife Deborah and my four daughters living in the country experiencing the blended family dynamic. I share my personal growth as a husband and a father utilizing the spiritual and multi dimensional understanding that comes from our close personal family relationships.

Chapter Ten: Waking Up
Even with a book like this, I write from a conviction that people are ready for more than entertainment when they read a book. It is a deep longing for answers to fundamental questions. People want enlightenment and it is not something any of us can have in an instant. It really does take a commitment and a lifestyle change. It becomes the driving force in ones life and it is a force for positive change. It is the one effort that we can take with us when we do leave this material world. Utilizing the Christian metaphors and developing oneself through a personal relationship with the Christ within opens up unlimited possibilities for spiritual, mystical growth. I cover my level of awareness and my take on where I believe we are collectively on a human consciousness level. I ask the question “Can one man or women really make a difference? I speak to the interplay between God-Man and Earth and the fact that we live in a vibrational universe that is a system of love. I lay out the truth that we can change the world if we believe we can.

Chapter Eleven: Staying Awake
My introduction to the paranormal and altered states of consciousness started when I was a young boy and found my mothers book shelf to be a wealth of material. I was introduced to Edgar Cayce, UFO’s and life after death. I took it upon myself to educate my young mind and in the process found a life long interest in comparative religion, quantum mechanics and the study of reframing our personal reality. We learn to evolve and grow or we die and in the process we find ourselves on a vision quest journey to enlightenment. In this chapter I challenge the reader to make a commitment to a transformation and an inward spiritual journey to transcendence.

Chapter Twelve: Mystical Journey
The focus on the present moment and coming to terms with the mindless chatter of the ego is spelled out in the final chapter. Trying to stay connected to the consciousness of “Now” enables the true seeker to experience a transcendent state. I share my own struggle with giving up my personal power and the final success of taking it back. The Mystical Journey completes the story with examples of people who have influenced me in my own journey to a transformation of my consciousness. Jesus, Joseph, Robert E. Lee, Edgar Cayce and Joseph Campbell are illustrated with an example of their personal principals and characteristics. It follows with a short teaching on the vibrational universe that we live in and is followed by a teaching on our emotional guidance system, the creative process and how our thoughts manifest in our experience. It is followed by the Gnostic Eight Fold Path to the Christ Consciousness. I end the book with “It’s a Process”.

This speaks to the “build a little test a little” approach that has worked well for me as I have developed my inward spiritual life.

I am praying that this book encourages people to set out on a journey of exploration through the inner-space dimensions of ones being. My life story has been quite a journey and I have a sincere hope that through the words spoken each person can find something that calls them to examine their being ness their essence and motivates them to seek more. “Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened”.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it…………………………………………………


Human beings are complex creatures and they go through many stages of experience in their earthly sojourn. If one was to break it down into pieces they would see that it all fits together like a puzzle. When we are in the uterus we are water babies, not breathing air and in a sense from another dimension of reality. We have come from a spiritual reality into the cocoon of our mothers belly and for all practical purposes we are in process of becoming. As we experience the birthing process we face a complete transformation into another reality and experience that which we call life on earth. The process unfolds like a great symphony in that each act follows the other in a great creative process of growth and expansion. As we follow the development of human beings we come to see many people-personalities in one person. We go through the developmental years and grow to adulthood. We are young adults as we spread our wings and cut the umbilical cord from our parents and their control. We go from outside discipline to self discipline and in the process we become someone new. The process from one developmental stage to the next follows us as we grow in our understanding. We go away to school, take a job, get married, have kids and continue through the reality of this life, this earthly sojourn. When we get divorced or experience a loss or a move, we take on another facet to our complex personality development. We are always in a state of transforming ourselves as we walk through this life. Babies, children, young adults, adults, parents, grandparents, and who ever and what ever we might become is our choice. We have the opportunity to transform ourselves many times throughout our lives and many of us choose to do that. Some comes from free will choice and some just because we grow older and things have a way of happening on their own. What I am speaking to is the times when we choose to transform ourselves and grow, to expand ourselves by the experiences we choose and by the paths we set for ourselves.

When I was a child I spoke as a child and I reasoned as a child. When I was a young adult I broke the umbilical from my parents and took responsibility for my actions and my behavior. When I was a young father I took on another facet of who I was becoming and yet through all of those stages I was an unfinished work. As I grew into my true adulthood and experienced the period of time before prison I learned and grew to understand that there are many dimensions of reality and experience. The creative process is something we do control through our thoughts and our actions. Life is much more than something we just react to and have no control over; we do have control over what is happening to us. We create our own reality and experience by the way we think and the way we frame our thoughts.

Fear Based vs. Faith Based

Humankind is at a crossroads in its consciousness development and it is the decision(s) we make that will determine if we as a species ascend to a higher level of consciousness or stay mired in the lower vibrational energy. Once we have a basic understanding of this choice then it becomes an individual responsibility. We can not claim ignorance as a defense.

The first level understanding is quite simplistic, i.e. to be positively aligned or negatively aligned. If one is aligned with the negative polarity then they are choosing power and control through fear. If one is choosing the positive polarity then they are about a faith based belief system. Faith translates into a respect for the individual as a creation of the highest order, faith in God, faith in the higher good and faith in a person’s individual sovereignty. When we choose faith then we understand that love, compassion and individual sovereignty is a fundamental gift from God.
When one has chosen a faith based positive polarity, as a human software belief system, then we are pursuing a path to Christ consciousness, i.e. the higher vibrational frequencies. This choice activates our Light Body and will fundamentally change our DNA. Jesus Christ was teaching us how to activate our light body in order that we might experience a more abundant life.

When we choose to love and share compassion we activate vibrational energy that radiates throughout the universe. The stars, planets and living creatures act as relays to the whole of creation. Our choice to align with a faith based polarity has enormous consequences for our planet earth, humanity and our Milky Way galaxy, in truth for our whole universe. It is of great interest to all of Gods creation.

The choice to utilize the lower vibrational frequencies, i.e. the Dark Side forces, a fear based belief system, which incorporates power and control through fear, is an individual choice but has a collective effect. We know through our current scientific understanding that fear causes human beings to vibrate at a lower frequency. When we allow our consciousness to stay in the lower vibrational frequencies we turn off our light body and fail to ascend to a higher reality. Jesus Christ was quite clear with His message; have no fear! Fear causes our planet earth to stay “in the dark” and keeps us from ascending to our true spiritual place in the universe. We are not created to be slaves to the lower vibrational frequencies but rather created in the image of God and our Lord “The Christ”. We can activate our higher strands of DNA which in turn activates our Light Body.

Recently, at the University of Florida, during a student forum question and answer session, a twenty one year old male student asked a question of United States Senator John Kerry. He asked him a question about his involvement with Yale Universities secrete society, Skull & Bones. As John Kerry struggled to answer the question this young student was confronted by two police officers, one male and one female. The female policewoman grabbed the student by the arm and tried to forcibly remove him from the microphone and hall. She and the male police officer could not force him from the microphone so the female officer assumed the crouching position and drew her 9 millimeter hand gun and aimed it at the students head. Consequently the student was surrounded by six police officers and pleading for help was electro shocked with a high powered Taser stun gun.

Some choose to respond to this incident by claiming that it is good when the police responded the way they did. I liken it to Nazi Germany and the fact we both identify with this tactic and would be proud to wear the uniform in 1939 Berlin or we reject it. I believe it is a fundamental choice. Either we are aligned with the light and the Christ consciousness or we align with the Dark Side. If we think it is acceptable to utilize this kind of power and control through fear then we are sending the message that we agree with the utilization of dark side forces. We are ascribing to a fear based belief system that incorporates the negative polarity and as such we are not choosing to be counted with the forces of light.

Human beings need to be free to ask the hard questions of their government officials especially when a student forum is organized for that purpose. Whether it be in the White House press room, Watergate, Iran Contra, Chemtrails or the truth about 9/11, we need to allow the truth to come out. To try and exert power and control through fear is unacceptable and has no place if we are a follower of Christ. It is the opposite of faith. Fear is completely unacceptable as a means for control.

Nazi Fascism is as real in this age as it was in the 1930’s. We are living through a historical time line that is best summarized with the phrase “The War on Terror” The war on terror is a human belief system. If one ascribes to a fear based reality then they are part of the problem not part of the solution.

I am concerned about the nature of our personal and collective reality. I don’t doubt that we are here, in this age for good reason. My spirit cries out with compassion, for all of us, so that we might individually and collectively experience the wonder of waking up. Consciousness is quickened when we understand the truth of vibrational physics and the reality of our belief system. Personally I want to graduate to the next level and I know many understand deep within their spirit that faith far out trumps fear.

Let us pray and meditate upon this incident and not take the elitist position that falsely thinks instilling fear in the population is an acceptable way to maintain control. Human beings are created free and our sovereignty is fundamental to who we are as a species. If the elite expect to maintain their control through fear, pray God they will fail.

Our role as sons and daughters is to pose the question: Are we a follower of the Christ Spirit, the light, aligned with the positive polarity or are we aligned with the Dark Side, utilizing power and control through fear. The police scared many of those young students at the University of Florida, when they electro-shocked that young man. The government, under the guise of The New World Order, is trying to control the human family through fear and the War on Terror. As President George Bush stated; we are either with them or against them. I for one stand up and choose to be faith based, love and compassion, light body activation, aligned with the Christ. I reject a fear based system.

Robert Reckmeyer 2007

Star Fighter School

I had spent two and one half (2 ½) years getting ready for federal prison, when I was under investigation, and now I was set to experience it in a real way. It would be a part of my daily reality for a very long time. Thankfully I was ready for “Star Fighter School” since I had framed my prison experience in spiritual terms and I would be trained to save the planet from sure destruction in a way that was far removed from “One Joint at a time.”

My first initiation into Star Fighter School would be filled with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exercises that were designed to build me up and train me for the work ahead and build the strength I would need to overcome my new reality. I had been taught, as a youngster, to be ready for anything and to believe that I was super naturally protected by multi dimensional beings that had power to utilize natural universal laws that most terrestrial human beings were not aware of. My mother had trained me in the spiritual disciplines and taught me to “reach for the force” and allow God’s source energy to fill me up. I was trained in the “Jedi Knight” school of thought and I always knew deep within my soul that source energy was extremely powerful and able to empower me with an ability to transcend our three dimensional understanding. Now I would be trained in spiritual disciplines of the fourth and fifth dimension. If I could maintain my focus, on my training, and leave my past behind then I could overcome the pain associated with separation and the loss of my freedom. The hard work of educating myself and completing Star Fighter School, was dependant on my willingness to sacrifice and grow even when I was hurting deeply by the loss of my freedom and liberty.

I framed my thoughts to be a willing participant in a level of spiritual training that was beyond my human understanding and yet I was able to see through the glass partially. I was on a life changing adventure that had the potential to remake me into a true Jedi Knight and a graduate from Star Fighter School.

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer

age (53)
March 20, 1954
One of (12)
Married: Deborah Sue Pomeroy
Children: (3) grown sons, (4) minor daughters, (1) minor son

“I am a”: Philosopher, Time traveler, Dimension Skipper, Researcher, Writer, Husband, Father, Son & Brother. I am also a small businessman who is a risk taker, thinks outside the box and is willing to follow his inner, mystical compass. I have learned, through trial and error, to lead through example and trust in the fundamental goodness of humanity. I on the other hand to not trust those who are working against the forces of light. We and I mean all of us must be eternally vigilant and educate ourselves so we might over-come the Dark-Side forces that work against the best interest of humanity. I stay focused on the solution and not on the problem. We are in a time that has been foretold from ages past and it is our destiny “To Awaken” and become the Buddha. Christ exemplified the “Truth” and His fundamental message was to: “Love God, love your neighbor as yourself and critical to our awakening consciousness development: ‘Have no Fear’”.

Life is a journey, not a foot race. Human beings are learning through experience and no one is better than another because they have uncovered a spiritual gem. In truth those souls that have found a spiritual treasure and hoard it, lose it. We need to be about our Fathers business and then all will be added to us. My work is to help share the truth and share the wealth. Our survival and our ability to graduate to the next level is dependant on those souls who are willing to study, meditate, and share what they know so all of us might be brought foreword.

My work is about Light Body Activation through the ascension process. We have the opportunity to choose whether or not we want to graduate to the next vibrational level or stay in a three dimensional reality.

I recently read a great analogy about a baby eagle that fell from its nest and landed in a chicken pen. It grew up thinking it was a chicken scratching all day with the other hens. One day a mighty soaring eagle spotted the bird and swooped down to see what was happening. When it confronted the eagle, with the truth, that it was a mighty, majestic creature made to soar above the earth; the eagle was amazed and could hardly believe what it was being told. All it had to do was look up, flap its wings and soar. When it finally did look up and fly the coop it was amazed at the gift that God had given to him. We too must look up and accept our free gift of flight. We must lift our heads from the limits of the ground and allow our majesty to take flight, soaring above the Tara firma.


Robert B. Reckmeyer

Robert Reckmeyer.com Overview (under construction)

This web site, http://www.robertreckmeyer.com/is dedicated to the notion that we are all brought foreword when we educate ourselves and choose to share what we know with others. It is my hope that what is learned, through independent research, will be passed down and incorporated into the human (software) belief system. Information is powerful and can be a liberating, freedom fighting weapon that has no bounds.

We are at a fundamental crossroads in our human consciousness development that bridges numerous disciplines and has the chance to elevate our species to heights that are well beyond our wildest dreams or imagination[s]. Hyper Dimensional, Quantum and Vibratory physics as well as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and the Eastern religious disciplines are being merged into a new human belief system. We are ascending into a greater awareness through our access to what has been heretofore hidden knowledge. Hidden knowledge concerning science and religion has been held back for far too long and it is now time to take responsibility into our own hands and educate ourselves, something our educational institutions have failed to do.

There are powerful forces, aligned with the Dark-Side negative polarity, who have been manipulating humankind for millennia. They have withheld their hidden scientific knowledge of hyper dimensional, vibrational and quantum physics and the powerful dark-side forces. They have also used their control to enslave all of humanity; this must come to an end.

We have allowed, through our collective unconscious, for these forces to prosper and control the world we live in. This present dangerous condition is the result of our failure to understand the dark side forces at work and to take corrective action. We must now assert our human potential and reset healthy boundaries taking back our human sovereignty. Stated firmly; this present order is ‘NOT OKAY’. Our failure to act will only delay the inevitable which is our human freedom and our personal and collective ascension to light body activation.

Uncovering the truth about the New World Order orchestrated by numerous secrete societies and other well organized forces has its place but there is more to the story. Many of us in the research community have known this battle can only be won (one) on a consciousness level and must be framed in those terms. There are two sides to the coin. One is information about a hidden agenda and our human history, where we came from, our genetic makeup and the truth about science and religion.

When we first find out about an organized well funded effort that goes back generations and has an agenda for full power and control utilizing fear, then it changes our understanding of reality. Once we wake up from the manipulated dream and realize that we have been sold into slavery through the BIG lie, it is then we have the power to change things for the better.

Raising our collective awareness by having open source research material available to the general public is fundamental to our ascending to the next level in our consciousness development. We must take responsibility for where we are even though there are powerful forces at work to keep us in the dark. Once we accept where we are it is then we must recognize the fact that the only way out is to awaken and work at elevating our consciousness individually and collectively.

Some would say it is a fight between knowledge or lack of knowledge. I know it is both and yet much more. It must be won on the consciousness battlefield. We must study to be made known and then execute within the mind to elevate the collective un-conscious. Yes, we must work at spreading the word and encouraging our brothers and sisters to educate themselves to the sinister forces working against humanity but in the same breath we must point towards the light for it is only the light that can lead us out of the dark.

The power of light far out strips the darkness………….

Enjoy the journey………………………………………...