Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conscious Creator Enterprises, CCE

Conscious Creator Enterprise, CCE

To be a Conscious Creator, is important to the human family because it takes the responsibility and places it firmly on the individual. Once we understand how powerful we really are it forces us to make a choice in our ideal; service to self or service to others. If one uses their power to control others and feathers their own nest, then over time, it will lead to a reality that feeds a negative agenda. Conversely if one chooses service to others, as a life path, then it opens up a stream of possibilities that can offer the world a new beginning and over time a new civilization based on serving others, sustainability, and development of our higher self both individually and collectively. The key to conscious creation is understanding the process and also being mindful of what it is we are creating.

We need to be mindful of our individual power and not sell ourselves short giving up our power, to others, especially those who would do us harm. The ability to create will happen whether we are consciously creating it or creating it unconsciously. The key to being a Conscious Creator is the awareness and the innate ability to think, plan and execute a plan that is utilizing our higher self. One may choose to consciously create based on selfish reasons or choose something of a higher nature; i.e. service to others.

There are those who understand how to misuse their power and consciously create a New World Order based on an elite few having power and control over the many. It’s not enough to understand the power behind conscious creation, one must be responsible enough to obey an important Universal Law; i.e. the law of free will. If one understands the power behind conscious creation and yet abuses their power then one has given himself or herself over to the dark side and in a phrase; “that’s not okay”.

The Conscious Creator Enterprise Program takes it to the next level and is seeking men and women who understand how to organize others in the pursuit of their higher self. In the past I built an organization of like minded men and women who were motivated to smuggle and distribute large quantities of marijuana and hashish from around the world. We, at the time, thought we were making a positive difference in the collective experience and in the process lining our pockets with gold, figuratively and materially.

I have come to the realization that knowledge without action is meaningless. We are collectively at a place in our human development that can tip the balance either way and it is incumbent on those souls who are willing to take a chance for the betterment of humanity to take decisive action. I am seeking like minded men and women to help organize Conscious Creator Enterprises, CCE to help bring others, to action, in the pursuit of consciously creating a new reality for our human family.

If one fast forwards this current time line, based on the current paradigm, one is confronted with a future world that is not okay. We are heading for a very BIG crash both on a sustainability level and on a human tragedy level. If we continue to create a reality based on the art of war, as an organizing element, (see the report from Iron Mountain) we will surely parish. In the report from Iron Mountain it spells out a perpetual war doctrine as a means for social cohesion. It speaks to the fact that society needs and outside enemy to maintain social, political and internal stability. It basically institutionalizes perpetual war and says if we don’t have one then we must create one. When war is theater and choreographed then people die so others can line their own pockets with gold. Mankind becomes expendable as a means for power and control and we will never stop utilizing war because it keeps those in power and is a source of wealth. We collectively must put a stop to this system.

I believe, on a grass roots level, we have the power individually and collectively to change this model and organize ourselves, one man and one woman at a time. The CCE program I propose, is organized to find six people or more, who will band together to focus their energy on consciously creating a new reality, in essence a new ending (beginning) to our human drama.

Time is marching forward…….last week we had another shock (the Shock Doctrine, see Naomi Klein) perpetrated on us with the financial bailout. The financial crisis is another engineered Psy/Op similar to the 911 false flag operation. We are led to believe that the financial crisis is something that just happens and we react to it praying the whole system won’t collapse on itself. The good people of the world are so consumed with reacting to what others consciously create that we fail to consciously create our own.

We are creating death and destruction around the world with a war agenda for control of the worlds known energy reserves. People are dieing on a mass scale, families are homeless, children are being blown to bits and we are more concerned about the almighty dollar and the price of gas at the pump than consciously creating a better world. I personally am sick to my stomach over what our government is executing in our name and it is time for us to take conscious creative action.

I know from personal experience that we can self organize. It is within our power to make a difference and change the script that an elite few have written for humanity and our world. If an elite few can write a script that spells power and control over humanity then why can’t an informed organized few rewrite the script that frees humanity from the bonds and chains that bind almost seven (7) billion people? Now is the time to self organize for the benefit of humanity. If we fail to change direction it is certain we will remain enslaved to a system that enriches a few at the expense of our human family and for me, it is not okay.

I envision people self organizing themselves, in small groups, to educate themselves (didactic edification) and build networks of like minded people. Our educational system will not teach us the truth, our corporate controlled media will not inform us of the truth, our churches are outdated and unable to grasp the current paradigm, therefore we must take responsibility for ourselves and self organize. I suggest we self organize utilizing the Conscious Creator Enterprise Program. Organize, Educate, Execute…..Think, Plan, and Work and keep working until it manifests itself in our individual and collective experience. We really don’t have much time to turn this ship around and, in my view; it will only happen when we take responsibility for our situation and choose to consciously change it.



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