Thursday, July 24, 2008


Human beings are complex creatures and they go through many stages of experience in their earthly sojourn. If one was to break it down into pieces they would see that it all fits together like a puzzle. When we are in the uterus we are water babies, not breathing air and in a sense from another dimension of reality. We have come from a spiritual reality into the cocoon of our mothers belly and for all practical purposes we are in process of becoming. As we experience the birthing process we face a complete transformation into another reality and experience that which we call life on earth. The process unfolds like a great symphony in that each act follows the other in a great creative process of growth and expansion. As we follow the development of human beings we come to see many people-personalities in one person. We go through the developmental years and grow to adulthood. We are young adults as we spread our wings and cut the umbilical cord from our parents and their control. We go from outside discipline to self discipline and in the process we become someone new. The process from one developmental stage to the next follows us as we grow in our understanding. We go away to school, take a job, get married, have kids and continue through the reality of this life, this earthly sojourn. When we get divorced or experience a loss or a move, we take on another facet to our complex personality development. We are always in a state of transforming ourselves as we walk through this life. Babies, children, young adults, adults, parents, grandparents, and who ever and what ever we might become is our choice. We have the opportunity to transform ourselves many times throughout our lives and many of us choose to do that. Some comes from free will choice and some just because we grow older and things have a way of happening on their own. What I am speaking to is the times when we choose to transform ourselves and grow, to expand ourselves by the experiences we choose and by the paths we set for ourselves.

When I was a child I spoke as a child and I reasoned as a child. When I was a young adult I broke the umbilical from my parents and took responsibility for my actions and my behavior. When I was a young father I took on another facet of who I was becoming and yet through all of those stages I was an unfinished work. As I grew into my true adulthood and experienced the period of time before prison I learned and grew to understand that there are many dimensions of reality and experience. The creative process is something we do control through our thoughts and our actions. Life is much more than something we just react to and have no control over; we do have control over what is happening to us. We create our own reality and experience by the way we think and the way we frame our thoughts.

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